Exclusive interview with Sergej Maslobojev – kickboxing star in Lithuania

Sergej ‘Kuvalda’ Masloboev is the biggest kickboxing star in Lithuania. King of Kings fighter is focused on kickboxing, but have some MMA and boxing fights also. We spoke to Sergey about various of topics including his KOK career, FFC fights and possibility of transition to MMA. We glad to introduce Sergey Masloboev.

Hello Sergey! Please tell me how did You get involved in kickboxing? Who was Your first idol?

Hello kickboxing fans from all over the world. I always wanted to learn martial arts. For the first time I saw kickboing when I was a kid. but I started to train when I was 18 years old. First I was so impressed by Mirko Cro Cop and Wanderley Silva so I said to myself, I want this, I want to be a fighter, I want to be known worldwide as a great fighter and then i started to train.

You are one of the biggest if not the biggest Lithuanian kickboxing star now. Do You feel popular in Your country?

In our country basketball is number one sport, so they are the biggest stars in my country I think. USA vs Lithuania is always the most anticipated basketball match on Olympics games. I feel many people recognise me and and they give me support, I think it is good sign to know that I am on right way to achieve my dreams as a fighter.

You are fighting for Mr. Donatas Simanaitis’s promotion, King of Kings. Is there any chance to see You in Superkombat or Glory?

I am happy to be a part of one of the most prestigious promotion in Europe, becoming top KOK fighter was a huge step for my fighting career. As for the future I just hope to become a best version of myself.

You competed in WKN boxing tournaments called Bigger’s Better. Did You ever considered transition to boxing or MMA?

I was fighting under MMA rules before but I have stopped because I had some back injuries. I will try to return to MMA competition, I hope I will fight again under MMA rules in October. I am big boxing fan and I would love to box again. I wanted to test myself when World Kickboxing Network held their boxing tournament and I think I fought well. I won WKN boxing tournaments.

I heard that You are not only a fighter, but Your job is to be a solider. Is that true?

You heard some wrong rumors (laugh). I am not solider but I am fighter and trainer also. I love sports and I want to be involved in sports all my life. I am focused on my gym, I have three groups of fighters split by their experience level. I am also personal trainer. I love this job especially when I work with people with good sense of humor.

What do You want to achieve in kickboxing?

I want to be on top of this sport. I want to be considered as one of the best in the world, I want to fight big names. This is my goal and I believe I will achieve it as soon as possible.

You fought on Final Fight Championship shows. Do You still have contract with them or You signed only for one fight?

It was only one fight. They offered me to fight once again but we have could not reach agreement on contract terms so I will not participate on their show again. Big thanks to my coach Andrius Sipaila for his hard work, to all KOK team and especially Donatas Simanaitis for trusting me and big thanks for my family and the fans for huge support.

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