KOK’45 WORLD GP 2017 IN VILNIUS ended tremendously

It’s been two days now since KOK’45 took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. This kickboxing event’s main event featured the new middleweight Grand Prix champion, Ali El Ameri (Spain), putting it all on the line against opponent, Daniel Forsberg (Finland). The final match ended in 25 seconds, it was enough for Ali El Ameri to become a Grand Prix winner.

Tournament ended up with the tough and intense fight against one of the best KOK fighter Sergej Maslobojev (Lithuania) vs. KOK first-timer Thomas Bridgewater (Holland). T. Bridgewater made it quite difficult for S. Maslobojev to reach the win. Only after extra round judges were convinced of the S, Maslobojev victory.

Best moments of the tournament in the gallery.