KOK Fights is coming to Netherlands!

One of the worlds biggest kickboxing organization is coming to Netherlands - The 30st of March 2019- Sporthal Valkenhuizen in Arnhem. That KOK Fights Network makes its debut in the Netherlands is not that surprising, there are regular Dutch fighters taking part in the organization events every year. Finally the biggest and exciting KOK event is coming to Netherlands. KOK has close partnership with Fightersheart organization. KOK representative in Netherlands Mimoun Ahbouk says: 'We are honored with the opportunity to  introduce this large organization to kickboxing enthusiasts in Netherlands, whose events always guarantee spectacular and highest level fights and unforgettable show. "
KOK event  presented by Fightersheart will be held the 30st of March 2019 at Sporthal Valkenhuizen in Arnhem. Link to the article: